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TLC Book Tours: Mini Book Review of Her Sister’s Shadow by Katharine Britton

By: Katharine Britton
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Pub. Date: June 2011
Formats: Paperback and Electronic
Pages: 336
Genre: Literary Fiction
Age Group: Adults
Source: Publisher
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Publisher’s Synopsis: An emotionally powerful debut about two sisters who reconnect after nearly forty years of estrangement.

Renowned painter Lilli Niles is at home in her North London flat when she receives an unexpected call from her elder sister, Bea, who’s at the family homestead in Whitehead, Massachusetts. Bea’s husband has just died, and she’d like Lilli to fly home to attend the funeral. There are reasons Lilli moved all the way to England to escape her older sister, reasons that have kept them estranged for decades. But something in Bea’s voice makes Lilli think it’s time to return to the stately house in New England she loved as a child, to the memory of the beloved younger sister they both lost. With Bea more fragile than Lilli remembered, maybe she can finally forgive Bea for a long-ago betrayal that has simmered between them for nearly forty years.


PLOT: I would first like to thank TLC Book Tours for having me be apart of this book tour and Berkley Trade for sending me a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

HER SISTER’S SHADOW is everything I enjoy about escaping into a good book. The story takes place in both contemporary times (around 2009) and the 1960s. It’s about a two sisters, Lilli and Bea. Both are now older and have not seen each other in 40 years. Lilli grew up in the fictional New England town of White Head, Massachusetts and now lives in England. Bea has remained living in the same small town. However, Lilli left home after a fight and a betrayal between her and her sister. For those of you interested in reading the book, I’m going to keep the betrayal and everything that led up to it a secret. Britton does a fantastic job making the reader wonder and question what happened between the sisters throughout the novel, so it’s not said right away. We get to learn about the sisters and their relationship bit-by-bit. I thoroughly enjoyed the flashback scenes. It gave me a good sense of the complicated family dynamics.

When Bea contacts Lilli to tell her that her husband Randall has died, Lilli is forced to face her past and return to her hometown. Will it be a happy reunion or will Lilli once again flee her troubles?

CHARACTERS & SETTING: Lilli is a strong-willed character and I liked her from the start. She’s also afraid of being hurt once again by her sister. She’s always lived in her shadow or at least she feels as if she has. Bea is feisty and bossy and gets whatever she wants. She’s a good adversary to Lilli. In her old age, she’s crotchety and even bossier than she was as a young woman. The other characters in the book from Randall and the girls other siblings to their kooky, but loving mother all add dimension to the story. All of the characters are extremely well-developed.

What I loved most about HER SISTER’S SHADOW was the world-building and the setting. I could easily picture the area and breathed in the salt air of the sea while I was reading.  The setting is so beautiful, quaint and magical that I want to live inside the pages of this novel. I can’t say enough about this aspect of the book!

FINAL THOUGHTS: HER SISTER’S SHADOW is tugs at the heart strings and makes you feel as if you’d like to take a trip to Massachusetts to visit the coast and ride on a sailboat in the gleaming sunshine. I highly recommend the book for those of you who love books about family relationships. I’m eagerly waiting for what’s next from Katharine Britton. HER SISTER’S SHADOW is easily a book I could re-read.

I’m giving HER SISTER’S SHADOW 5 “Mini Books” for being wrought with fantastic tension and what it means to forgive!


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7 Responses to “TLC Book Tours: Mini Book Review of Her Sister’s Shadow by Katharine Britton”

  1. Awesome review.

    Have you always done Final Thoughts? I like it 🙂 A final summary is always nice 🙂
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  2. THis truly sounds like a fabulous read. I love that it’s tense because it’s that sort of emotion that draws me in. Fab review 🙂

  3. wow sounds really good!! i usually like this type of story.
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  4. It definitely makes me wonder what happened between the sisters. 40 years is such a long time! Great review.
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  5. I’d LOVE a trip up the Massachusetts coastline right now myself and that’s just from reading your review!

    I’m so glad you enjoyed this one. Thanks for being on the tour.